Elvis is Alive and Well In Gilbert, AZ

I decided we needed to break out of our comfort zone and investigate the other side of the Phoenix tracks and go to Gilbert, AZ. My mom mentioned a section of Gilbert she wanted to explore. She had eyed a little store on the corner of Williams Field and Higley Roads called Country Casa. Do not let looks dictate your … Read More

Ultimate Food Blog

I was searching food blogs on Google and the first entry to appear is Paul McCann’s Food Blog. The coolest food blog ever. Paul has created the ultimate food lover’s blog. Impressive aesthetically with comprehensive listings of food blogs, food editorials, recipes, and so much more. Food Blog is passionate about food.

Friends United through Love of Food

My romance of food started with my family. I remember the love of making home made pastas, rich tomato sauces, and sausages. When I lived in New York my roommate, Caroline, turned me on to sushi. Caroline has great tastes in NY restaurants and throwing extravagant parties. It all became a ritual for me a celebration of great eats. My … Read More

Daily Eats – Anxiety Driven Dieters

I finally exceeded my bandwidth over the dieting craze. It’s enough to make me a food lover anxiety driven over anything I put into my mouth. The ads are overwhelming both on and offline. Dieting has become a huge industry not to mention a sport! The road to maintaining weight isn’t from some fad diet it’s through sensible eating and … Read More

Daily Eats: food for thought – Hunt’s Tomato Sauce

“It’s all about the sauce.” My mother told me as her mother told her. Three generations of home cooks using Hunt’s Tomato Sauce to make stuffed cabbage. My grandmother told my mother there is no other sauce you can use on stuffed cabbage except Hunt’s. I have to admit Hunt’s tomatoes add the right degree of favor to stuffed cabbage … Read More

There’s Salads and then there are Salads!

It’s all about great Food! I have that recipe from Cowboy Ciao for Stetson Chopped Salad, which serves two. Israeli or Pearl Cous Cous (cooked) 2 oz Arugula 2 oz. chopped Roma tomatoes 2 oz. diced Smoked salmon 1 1/2 oz. Asiago cheese 1/2 oz. Pepitas 1/2 oz. Black currants 1/2 oz. Super sweet dried corn 1 oz. Pesto Buttermilk … Read More

French Dining at Christopher’s

There’s nothing like a great conversation over excellent cuisine. I was invited by Dr. Robert Levit to dine with him at Christopher’s Fermier Brasserie. Dr. Levit is deciding to move from New York City where every kind of Food is at your fingertips to Phoenix where you are more than an arm length away. He choice Christopher’s and I am … Read More

A Tour of Donna Atwood’s Magnificant Studio

“Come meet, mingle, and enjoy a fun evening surrounded by incredible women.” Read the email forwarded from Joanne Fried written by Sandy Schimmel Gold. Sandy, an artist and also Director of St. Mary’s Food Bank, said Connections, a Quarterly Gathering of Interesting Women was started by Lucy Bradley, a master gardener. I was intrigued being both an art lover and … Read More

Opa again at Crazy Jim’s Restaurant

I’m always one to extend birthdays so today I took Joanne out to lunch to extend her birthday. She made time in her hectic schedule as Director, Media and Public Relations, for U-Haul to a fabulous lunch at Crazy Jim’s. It was her choice. We both ordered Gyros. Had traditional humus as an appetizer. They know how to make humus! … Read More

Calabrese Restaurant in Gilbert Arizona?

You would think I was Italian with all this focus on Italian restaurants but I promise I love all types of Food! I have to admit this is a little surprise of a place in Gilbert, Arizona called Baci Bistro. Small Ma Pa restaurant which serves up traditional Italian. After a long day of moving from Chandler to Gilbert a … Read More