Frozen Assets

When Barbie turned 40 (two days after I did), television was a virtual Barbie-thon, with endless stories about her creation, celebrations of her history and the unveiling of her exciting new future without Ken. Within the last year another legend of the 1950s had a milestone birthday — turning 50 — but strangely, attracted little media fanfare. In 1954 the … Read More

Phoenix Eats – Daily Eats weekly travels

Announcement: Daily Eats has written over 100 posts from our launch in December! Last week the hottest food buzz was over cupcakes. Now that’s what I call sweet delicious. Cupcakes, bring -m-on. Ultimate blog blogging cupcakes was Ultrablog. Though the most witty cupcake goes to Daily Eats’ very own Bud Lavery.Daily Eats is looking food lover’s to blog with us. … Read More

Spice Girl

Question: What could be more humiliating than being dubbed “The Runaway Bride” and landing in the vortex of a consuming national scandal? Answer: Becoming the inspiration for a merchandising tie-in to your shame. Jennifer’s High Tailin’ Hot Sauce is a spicy habanero sauce that its creators warn “may cause you to seek intense professional help.” Apparently demand is so high … Read More

Table For Two, Volcano View

At the world’s most sought-after restaurants, it’s not uncommon to wait weeks and even months for a table. Waiting 2000 years, however, would try the patience of even the most ardent guest. Starting Thursday, visitors to Pompeii will have a unique opportunity to dine at the site of the fabled city’s busiest restaurant before its sudden demise in 79 AD … Read More

It’s My Parsley And I’ll Cry If I Want To

For most people, few waking activities surpass eating as a source of pure pleasure and contentment. America’s expanding waistline testifies to that. But if you’re Matt or Ryan or Christy or one of 15 other strangers at Crying While Eating, nothing could be sadder. In this extremely odd series of online videos, a gaggle of apparently unconnected young people sobb … Read More

Daily Eats – Food News

More People Are Eating Out in Md., WTOP, D.C.… Nationally, diners spent $128 billion eating out during the first four months of this year, up about 6 percent from the same period last year, according to the … Attack of the killer cupcake, With squealing fans, ga-ga blogs and even its own tote, the pastry has L.A. in its grip.By … Read More

You Take the Cake

Living about a hundred steps from the famed Billy’s Cupcakes presents many problems, but transporting the fragile creations home is not one of them. After a short walk, they’re safely in my kitchen — and then my mouth — without incident. But not everyone has the advantage of proximity. For them, there’s Cup-a-Cake, a cleverly devised container that holds the … Read More

Ole Mole in Soho

It was a dark and chilly May evening but the atmosphere inside Lupe’s East LA Kitchen in Soho was warm and cozy. True New Yorkers know that good Mexican food in NYC is hard to come by. Some restaurants try too hard to be chic for the sophisticated New Yorker palette, and miss the mark. Some are too greasy. And … Read More

Does This Phone Make Me Look Fat?

Cell phones have long been a source of irritation in restaurants, but the situation may be about to get worse. MyFoodPhone is an interesting — if slightly Orwellian — new concept in diet management. Using an ordinary picture phone, subscribers photograph their meals before they eat them, then upload the images to their personal dietitian. The dietitian then analyzes every … Read More

Aliza Sherman on Bucking Starbucks

Mediagirl: Aliza Sherman discusses why the consistency of Starbucks Coffee in small town America is very important to her tastes.“…So I started going to a local coffee shop, bringing business to local entrepreneurs. But I always find non-Starbucks coffee drinks to be very inconsistent. This place has recently been serving me very bitter lattes.”