Where the Baked Alaska Roam

When Tery asked me to write about food in Alaska, at first I thought she was kidding for two reasons: 1) I have never written about food in any professional capacity so what do I know? 2) Is Alaska actually known for anything culinary? She mentioned Baked Alaska in her email to me. Well, don’t know much about history, but … Read More

Daily Eats is honored to have Aliza Sherman on board!

Aliza Sherman needs no introduction to women on the worldwide web. She was responsible for helping them connect to the Internet. But, I am happy to tell you more about how fabulous Aliza is as friend, accomplished business person, passionate writer and blogger, well traveled traveler, awesome producer, brilliant pioneer, and ex-New Yorker. She has made cyberspace a heaven for … Read More

The Sugar Bowl – Scottsdale, AZ

Someone was giving me directions and said you need to take a right at the Sugar Bowl. I thought it was a joke. I only knew Sugar Bowl to mean NCCA football game in New Orleans. Much to my surprise it is an old fashion ice parlor and a well known Scottsdale, AZ landmark located in Old Town.Bill Keane, whose … Read More

Update on Fingers in Food News

From one of our wonderful readers posts this comment last night: “argghhh I usually do not get caught up in weird news but I just can’t stop reading about all of these fingers being found in people’s food… it is so icky. If you want to laugh about it… go to haneyfarm.comIt was a very weird story but funny. Have … Read More

The Most Tantalizing Black Beans, Brown Rice, & Greens

My signature black beans and rice recipe. Makes 6 servings28-oz can Goya Black BeansI tried this recipe with many different types of black bean brands, but found Goya does taste the best. If you’re really ambitious and want to buy dried beans. Soaking is very important. Soak for at least a day. You’ll fine there’s less gas after eating.5 tablespoons … Read More

Daily Eats on Mediaburn Radio Weblog

A couple of weeks ago Daily Eats ran a video casting test of the Hog Dog Lady, Cynthia Garcia, which was highly successful. The Mediaburn Radio Weblog, editor Gary Santoro picked it up. Thanks so much!

Medizona – love & sensuous flavors

It was Thursday evening, my friend Susan Hart, who is visiting from Berkley, joined me for a Scottsdale, Arizona adventure in dining and art. In the past Susan would visit NYC to join Jeffrey Kutler and I for a dinner and jazz experience. Since my move to AZ I am honored to have so many of my friends from all … Read More