Business Meme to Blog

I know this has nothing to with Daily Eats, but it is Food for thought. Aliza Sherman is working on her new book “Everything Blogging Book” we’re being supportive.From Aliza Sherman for World Wit: Here’s a business meme to blog. A meme is an idea – in this case in the form of a questionnaire on a blog – that … Read More

Warnings for potato chips and french fries?

Oh my I heard the report too, while I’ve been recouping from 6 days with a stomach virus. It’s the worst thing in the world when the Chief Eater gets a stomach flu. My two favorite guilty pleasures potato chips and french fries are suspected of creating “acrylamide a carcinogen that results when potatoes and other starchy foods are cooked … Read More

Kidnapped at Newark…

I flew from Phoenix to Greenville with a three hour stop in Newark. I was looking for the gate at Newark for my flight, a bathroom and the nearest Starbucks when I got a call on my cell phone. Deep mysterious voice with a European accent said, “You know I got the scoop on the BEST” he emphasized best, “Calamari … Read More

Daily Eats: I’m a Foodie!

“Ah, to be a foodie. Every food lover’s dream…” Thanks Aliza Sherman! We love your posts about eating in Alaska!


Daily Eats, Welcomes SlashFood to the world of food bloggers. I can see some great food fight happening here!

First Exerience with Sushi in Deep South Part II

Photos from Tanya’s first sushi experience at Sushi Masa in Greenville, SC. I had no idea Japanese was so popular in this part of the country, I would have thought fried chicken, biskets and gravy, collards greens would very popular. __

Fancy Dining in Anchorage

I was perusing The Alaska Blog and came across a post about the Anchorage restaurant Orso. I realized that I had been remiss in posting about Orso here on Daily Eats so I thought I’d elaborate on my own personal dining experience there. First, let me say that when I first moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 2001, I was dismayed … Read More

Heaven is Pizza and Wine

My cousin Neil – a great cousin, a great painter – has a theory on heaven. When he was in college, heaven was pizza and beer. Now as he’s older, it’s pizza and wine. I have to agree, although I’m not a beer drinker, and not much of a wine drinker. Last time I was in New York, my cousin … Read More

First Experience with Sushi in the Deep South

Hello everyone…this is my first time finally blogging for daily eats. My name is Tanya Spataro, Tery’s cousin. This weekend Tery and I have been visiting with each other in Greenville, SC. It’s been about 4 years since we’ve gotten a chance to visit and each time is a wonderful experience. This time Tery convinced me to try Sushi for … Read More