The Accidental Cook: Migas for Breakfast

I’ve been quite remiss with my blogging but was suddenly inspired to share my adventures in the kitchen as I continue to learn how to cook and discover a balance between following recipes and experimenting. As far back as I can remember, recipes have been a major challenge for me. I’d inevitably use teaspoons instead of tablespoons or vice versa … Read More

Daily Eats Review: Love Truffles?

Just looking at the sensual shapes of Joseph Schmidt Truffles you know pleasure will be bursting in every bite. Joseph Schmidt Truffles are my favorite! Joseph Schmidt, is a European-trained baker, and his partner, a European-trained confectioner, opened their first (and only) store selling baked goods and chocolates. What a beautiful combination! No wonderful each truffle is designed like a … Read More

Daily Eats Rewiew of Scottsdale New Year’s

Scottsdale New Year’s Eve 2005 was promoted as an evening of Champagne and Chefs. There was more Budweiser and Jack Coke flowing to fill Diamond Back stadium, Champagne being the least seen. But where were the chefs? Where were the non-alcoholic drinks for those of use who prefer not to guzzle all night long and have that one toast? Let … Read More

Happy 2006!

Daily Eats wishes you a very delicious 2006!Here’s a special VoiceGreeting from Daily Eats.