Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #57

Nicole’s pastry chef, Daniel takes us through a tour of the Nicole’s desserts. The mysterious mixture of spices and sweets is tantalizing to the tongue.Have a listen: tags: Nicole Farhi, Tanya Vajk, British fashion, Pastry Chef Daniel.

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #55

New York: Daily Eats: Nicole Farhi – 2006-09-14 12:23:49A delicious long New York lunch at designer Nicole Farhi. Tanya Vajk treated me to lunch and desserts. Have a listen: tags: Nicole Farhi, Tanya Vajk, British fashion

New York: Daily Eats: Long Leisure Lunch

Bouchon Bakery was an excellent suggestion from Jennifer Nash to have a long leisure lunch. With a great view of Columbus Circle this lunch was fabulous hitting all the right spots. Jennifer’s goal is to eat at all the New York Magazine’s suggestions for best of inexpensive eats. Have a listen: tags: Bouchon Bakery, Time Warner, New York Magazine, Jennifer … Read More

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #53

Bad Aiport FoodWhile waiting for my flight to New York City I was decided to have some lunch. Well it wasn’t what I would call a good lunch at Sky Harbor Airport. tags: Sky Harbor Airport, bad lunch

Everyday with Rachel Ray

The Queen of the 30-minute meal has something new to dish about. Now she has her very own magazine “Everyday with Rachel Ray“.Lots of Yum-o recipes, like BonBon S’mores. I admit to really liking Rachel Ray. She has such a happy out look, which is so refreshing.Larry Dobrow is not a fan of Rachel Ray’s but he did close his … Read More

Daily Eats: Food About Town Part II

August 1 Lunch with Steve Roberts at Barrio Cafe. This is a must visit place if you enjoy gourmet Mexican food. I totally enjoyed everything especially the unusual guacamole, which had cranberries. I would never have ventured this combination would be so good. August 3 Invite to lunch with at the Phoenix Ad Club. The buffet at the Phoenix Country … Read More

Happy Labor Day! How about a HEMI-Powered BBQ Grill

I saw this on THE 9, Hemi-Powered BBQ Grill, ok guys tell me what you think. Went over to Hacked Gadgets for more info:“Tim Kowalec built this HEMI-powered BBQ grill for Chrysler’s “What Can You HEMI?” contest in 2005. Tim’s “manly man’s barbecue grill” featured a 5.7-liter V-8 HEMI engine, and can cook 240 hot dogs in 3 minutes!” by … Read More

Daily Eats: Food About Town

For the past several weeks I’ve been enjoying a wide variety of eats from around Phoenix. Despite not feeling so great I managed to have some delicious and delightful cuisine. July 20, 2006 met a buddy from MySpace at Postino’s. The bruschetta unusual! Luscious and delightful! I also ran into my pal, Joe Kretkowski of AT&T. He told me he’s … Read More

Daily Eats: Food Porn

Sweets, Desserts, Puddings Have a listen: Christian Clerc had me sample the Champaign, which was smoother than a truffle, soft. Noble comes in a variety of favors. Look how pretty they sit on the plate. Bel Normande French non-alcoholic sparkling fruit juice wasn’t overly sweet. Valrhona – a favorite chocolate. Valrhona created a new branding of organic chocolate. Nice packaging. … Read More

Cooking with Chef Anaya

Cooking with Chef Helen #3 – Interesting Fruit & Veggie Smoothies Chef Anaya talks about healthy delicious smoothies you can prepare at home.Have a listen: tags: smoothies, spinach, pineapple, Chef Anaya, fruit, veggie, vegetable, Gabcast!