SciFi Friday Dining

Have a listen: I am truly a SciFi Friday fan and will not take a date on a Friday night because of SciFi Friday. The lineup includes veggie pizza with anchovies on the side from NYPD and home made lemonade. Plus Heros, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Threshold. Bring back the Gates! tags: veggie pizza, NYPD Pizza Gilbert, AZ, Lemondae, Heros, … Read More

Daily Eats: Fayetteville, AR: Deliverance and Food

A Daily Eats first from Fayetteville, AR. There’s more than Dueling Banjos in the Ozarks there’s fabulous delicious food! Dining at Ella’s Restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a lovely romantic dining experience. Dining at Ella’s Restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a lovely romantic dining experience. Fayetteville is located in the Ozarks of Arkansas. Have a listen: Tags: Ella’s, Fayetteville, Arkansas, … Read More

Grand Canyon Sends Love

Gabcast! Grand Canyon Prints #9 – Happy Birthday, Tery! We missed our backpacking buddy on our latest rim-to-rim hike… but, you were with us in spirit, Tery! I couldn’t go hiking as planned for my birthday but Kim, Mike, Jane and Tom sent a big hug from the deep in the big ditch!tags: Kim and Mike Buchheit, Grand Canyon Prints, … Read More

For Women: Are you a cola drinker?

I was doing some research for my day job. I found this article that I hope will benefit those of us who are cola drinkers to consider an alternative. In this article by NewsInferno titled “Female Cola Drinkers Vulnerable to Bone Loss“, talks about women who consumed of 3-4 cola drinks daily maybe more vulnerable to bone loss. Phosphoric acid … Read More

It’s My Birthday!

I’m not going to tell you my age, but I will tell it’s been a fabulous day! I heard from dear friends and foodies from all over the globe! Of course the birthday cake is a chocolate cake.Look at these chocolate yummies!Chocolate Cake Heaven Northern Illinois University tags: tery spataro, tery birhday, chocolate cake

Of Spinach, Lettece, E.Coli and Probable Cause

Kate Hopkins, Accidential Hedonist, one of my personal favorite food blogs, writes an excellent explanation about the potential causes of E.Coli in our food supply. Highly recommend reading and commenting on!More blogs about E. Coli.

Food Alert: Lettuce from Salinas Valley recalled

First it was spinach now it’s lettuce. Is this a green leafy vegetable conspiracy? San Jose Mercury reported “California’s Salinas Valley’s Foxy, a popular brand of lettuce grown in the region has been recalled over concerns of E. coli contamination”.Source:Konrad, Rachel. (10/08/06). Lettuce from Salinas Valley recalled over E. coli concerns.Associated Press.tags: e.coli, contamination, lettuce, spinach, AZ, CA, Foxy

Cooking with White Soy

White soy has been limited to Japan for many centuries. Yes, it is traditional but new! Daily Eats recently tried White Tamari white soy sauce. White soy sauce is made from a specific ratio of wheat and soy beans using a proprietary fermentation process. White soy sauce has more wheat and less soy beans. The wheat is steamed and soy … Read More