Recipe for Eating Crow / White House

Have a listen: I heard the White House is looking for a recipe for Crow.Here’s a bunch compliments of Daily Eats:The Crow Roast is a very interesting site which features recipes for cooking crow. and if none of those appeal here are more recipes for Eating Crow or Other Lowfalutin’ Stuff sounds yummy. For dessert there’s Humble Pie and Sour … Read More


Instead of having a delicious lunch I voted today. I’ve never used a paper ballot system before. This could be interesting. I also voted for myself in a couple of areas where the choices weren’t too my liking. GET OUT and VOTE!

Yum It’s Sunday Brunch

Every Sunday, I have brunch with my parents. My father actually does all of the cooking. He even sets the table which is remarkable for him. He prepares his favorites breakfast meals such as eggs with bacon and toast. I have to tell you he makes a delicious crepe. There are usually two types of toppings strawberry, blueberry, and or … Read More

Daily Eats Lunch with uptempo Pop/Rap Artist Shane (Rockshane)

It was a musical lunch with RockShane and Daily Eats at C4 in Cave Creek, AZ. Shane’s music is known for uptempo Pop/Rap sound.Check out Shane on Gabcast Channel 4044. It gives you an inside track on his everyday philosophy about life, love and Music. Have a listen: keywords: Shane, Rockshane, MadPhilosopher, gabcast channel 4044, uptempo pop/rap, Daily Eats, Tery … Read More


Daily Eats Wishes you a Happy and Delicous Halloween!