Chipotle’s Kind Acts in Customer Recognition!

It was Monday night and another late night at work. I was starved so I wondered over to Chipotle at 316 N. Michigan Avenue. I’ve been there a number of times since I started working in the Chicago office. I guess you can call me a Chipotle regular. I like it because most of the flavorful meats are free range … Read More

Happy 4th of July

Today is about celebrating our freedom and what that freedom means. It’s about the taste of freedom, the smells of freedom, sound of freedom, and look of freedom. Free to express ourselves, to be ourselves without being oppressed, and afraid to speak our minds. Happy Independence Day!

3rd Coast Chicago, IL

I’m having a very late breakfast at the 3rd Coast on Deerborn & Goethe. I had a western omelette with potatoes and fruit. This place is awesome. The staff is frienly. Its a great neighborhood place.