A Very Happy 2008! my New Year’s Resolution

With no regrets I let go of 2007 and happily ring in 2008. 2007, was an amazing year for me I found my way back home after being away for 2 years. And now I’m finally home well almost home. In a month or two I’ll be back in my old neighborhood where the best eats of NYC can be found.

2007 was the year to get reaquianted with culinary delights the city has to offer as well as with good friends. It was also year I had more visitors then I knew what to do with. Mostly from AZ but some from CA and MA. Some friends and family members stay a short time. While others needed to have full 12 course meals. Nevertheless it was nice to have the company.

My journey back to New York took me to several Green Market visits at Union Square. I also had opportuties to discover what my neighborhood has to offer. I found Gracefully market to be an acceptable green market, not always as green as it should be but green enough. That was my saving grace at Peter Cooper Village. Aside from Gracefully I found a love for Coopertown who hooked me up with much needed chocolate chip pancakes.

Was introduced to Pure Wine and Food by Maria, it was indeed very yummy. Courtney and I had our last super at Friend of a Farmer, though Courtney is living in Paris she promises to give use some culinary delights from the country that knows how to cook.

I have no regrets for 2007, and debt of thanks to friends who encouraged me to come back to the city, my city, the city that I love, my greatest love. 2008 I promise will be a mission in further Daily Eats exploration.

That’s my new year’s resolution to continue to bring delicious and delightful treats to you all on Daily Eats.

Happy New Year!

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