All Aboard

Late for the TrainUpon returning from the Grand Canyon I stopped at my favorite coffee shop in Flagstaff, AZ. Though, before I leaving my host home, Kim made coffee she bought from Late for the Train returning from her long trip cross country. The last time I visited Kim and Mike at the Canyon and drove to Sedona with Kim, she introduced me to Late of the Train, which became my favorite place to stop to and from the Canyon.

Real coffee shops are becoming a rarity, being replaced by fast food variety. I’m happy the remaining home brands are loved by both home town supporters and visitors. It certainly was a Late for the Train kind of day, with a slightly moody rain sky the storm was a welcomed blessing with all the fires we’ve been having in Arizona.

I love rich strong tasting coffee; Late of the Train provides those choices. The folks that work for Late for the Train are friendly. This is especially nice for people like me who have been driving for hours. It’s great to be greeted by a friendly hello and cup of great Jo’.

Not only is the coffee great but I had Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce and Avocado on nice grain wheat bread. Though I preferred it toasted the toaster hasn’t been working a while. Never the less it was still great. Karna filled me in on the details of the founder. I love entrepreneurial businesses.

Next time you’re heading to Grand Canyon, to ski in Flagstaff make Late for the Train is a must stop place.

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