Alton Brown: Feasting On Asphalt

I was watching the food channel this afternoon. Something I share with my dad. I absolutely love and adore Good Eats’ Alton Brown. He’s charming sexy knowledgeable, he made the world of chemistry so much more exciting by combining it with cooking. I love Good Eats, it is my favorite Food Network program.

This afternoon I was watching Alton’s newest episode, “Feasting on Asphalt”, he takes a tumble on his motorcycle trying to avoid a jackrabbit. What a sweetheart! He took a hit to his shoulder hopefully is recovering quickly. I know what it is like to have a couple of fractures to a shoulder. I was hit a couple of years ago by a crazed speed biker talking on her cell phone and plowed right into me. I found eating lots of pineapple saved me from having to take pain killers, which only numbs the pain and additionally steals much need calcium to heal.

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