AMA Phx – And The Winner is… SRP again!

It was a lovely dressy, but not “New York dressy” evening at the AMA Phoenix Spectrum Awards 2005, hosted at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix. “Who’s Who” of marketing from Arizona gathered for a silent action benefiting STARS, sit-down dinner, and the awards ceremony.

Barry Kluger, the master of ceremony for the evening, invited me because his wife, Hope, was tied up with business. He was outfitted in nontraditional tuxedo and looking as handsome as ever. Talking with Barry was the lovely energetic and resourceful Kate Fitzgerald, editor and chief of Arizona Woman. Kate related her story of meeting Barry and using a dollar bill to fix a flat bicycle tire. Ingenious!

While we talked about the incident Aliza Angelchik, marketing maven and AMA President from 2004-05 introduced herself. Incidentally, I set Barry up to blog and his genius has taken the medium to a new level.

Sitting at my table: Nolberto Machiche, Marketing Manager, Westcor Fiesta Mall, Caroline Stoeckel, Senior Marketing Manager, Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, Erinn Mellen, Marketing Coordinator Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, Kristine Aldrin, Marketing Specialist, Sunshine Media, Andrea Hood, Director of Marketing, Sunshine Media, and C. Jill Hofer, Director of Marketing, Funtasticks.

We dined on mixed green salad with balsamic vinegar dressing roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. When was the last time you had real mashed potatoes? While Bob Bondurant, keynote speaker, recounted the glory days of his life as a race car driver.

As Barry Kluger announced the winners of the Spectrum Awards, dessert was served a Creme Brulée and fresh berries. Coffee was caffeine addict strong; I was up working until 1am.

Out of 16 categories SPR took the majority of awards. I was happy for the two the awards given to people sitting at my table: Westcor/The Macerich Company, Fiesta de la Familia, and Scottsdale Convention & Vistors Bureau, Visitor Industry Customer Analysis.

Most interesting marketing conversation was with Mitch Glasser, Glasser Research, on behavior, emotion, and “Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion”, Dr. Robert B. Cialdini. Coincidentally, there was another mention of Dr. Cialdini by John Bord, new AMA President and Senior Program Manager SRP, which I didn’t pick up on because of my misunderstanding of the pronunciation of Dr. Cialdini’s name. But two mentions in one night that’s what I call influence.

I read “Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion” a couple of years ago. Always thought his findings and insights into human behavior and power of persuasion was spot on. I mentioned Douglas Rushoff’s The Persuaders PBS documentary, which is well done. I have long thought Douglas Rushoff and Dr. Cialdini should connect.

The evening was as lovely as the many people I met last night were! I felt right at home.

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