Bay Ridge Eats: DES and Doggie Treats

DES is not at all an average dog, named after Data Encryption Standard, has a preference over her doggie treats. I wanted to make friends and usually don’t with dogs being I’m deathly allergic but DES is special. Not having a clue about dogs I wanted to give her something special so she didn’t feel bad about the distance we had to keep between us.

I while on an excursion I dropped into Spoiled Brats on 49th Street, between 8 and 9th Avenue in Manhattan. Inquiring what are the best doggie treats, I was told if I wanted to make friends with a dog to try Pro-Treat, freeze dried, 100% pure beef liver treats for dogs, which is essentially doggie crack, a dog expert told me.

All excited I could not wait to take the 45-minute R train ride back to Bay Ridge to try out Pro-Treat on DES! Running up the stairs to the apartment I busted open the door and called for DES. She immediately came to me and sat patiently as I open the can. I had to take a whiff, whew to the human nose it’s vial. I gave one to DES who took the square shaped treat out of my hand with such lovely delicacy and munched the treat down. She stood there with requesting eyes asking for another treat. This time she did a trick I placed the treat on her nose and she held it there until she was given ok command. She tossed the treat in the air and opened her mouth for the treat.


Wow! Is all I could say and to the credit of Pro-Treat that formulated the special ingredient, even DES can attest to!

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