Better Than Prozac – Douglas Adams

My homage to Douglas Adams, a true food lover, took place last night in the dark…theatre in Gilbert, Arizona, which incidentally is the other side of the universe. Finding the Gilbert Stadium Cinemas, cleverly hidden way in the back of the Gilbert Town Square, far down a long dark road, nestled in the nook between two popular stores, was like trying to find “Magrathea”.

But I reminded myself, “Don’t panic!” I’ll find the theatre before the movie starts and get my popcorn and M&M’s too. Finally, after $6.00 worth of calls to 411 I managed to find the theatre and parking too. This is the weekend Star Wars opens so the parking lot was overflowing with fans.

I had all but 5 minutes to get my ticket, treats and seat. I patiently waited my turn while, a pimpled face kid behind the glass ticket booth decided to make a phone call before giving me my ticket to the show I so longed to see the making of. “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, finally a dream come true finally I can see all the characters come to life all the characters who for years have put a huge smile on my face. And are possibly responsible for my laugh lines.

The works of Douglas Adams, is share genius! Reading his words was the best cure for fighting my depression. I read him again after an insane woman hit me in Central Park on a bicycle, she broke my shoulder in two places and never apologized. I decided Hitchhikers Guide was better than taking any painkillers and I laughed myself though healing.

I entered the theatre expecting not to find a reasonable seat, but much to my surprise I found the theatre empty. I plopped down in the center and enjoyed the show. I laughed and recited all the usual phases, but was disappointed with some of changes to the context of the book. There is use significance to the towel. Now it’s not just any towel it’s a Marks and Spencer towel. All the little details that Douglas carefully put in his book are all so important to the entire 5-book trilogy.

Between nibbles of popcorn and bites of M&M’s I was pulled deeper and deeper into the film looking for Douglas’ soul. I found it! in the one scene that was truly Douglas in the perfect cup of tea with all the puddings, cakes and sweets.

The acting was marvelous and sound track was well inspiring. The special effects outstanding.
As I drove home from the theatre lost in Deep Thought, I wondered if Douglas would have liked this interpretation of his masterpiece? Did this film do justice to his spirit? Just the making of the film did homage and his spirit will live on at least for the next four movies.

In 1998 I while visiting London, I decided to call on Robbie Stamp to visit the Digital Village. Robbie was so wonderful and pleasant and glad to see he was able to make this film a reality for dear Douglas…thank you for blessings my Marks and Spencer towel.

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