Boylan’s Orange Soda

I discovered Boylan’s Orange Soda a few weeks ago (where the heck have I been?), and my 3-1/2 year old son, Nicholas, and I are hooked. I found it at the same local Italian gourmet grocery store that I got the Nutella lookalike snack packs at. It’s a little less carbonated than a traditional orange soda like Sunkist, and less sweet as well, which I like. Turns out it’s even bottled in my homestate of New Jersey. Now the goal is to find somewhere else that carries it a little cheaper than $1.50/bottle we paid. So far, no luck at any of the regular local grocery stores and an online search only yielded beverage sites that carry it (with slightly exorbitant shipping prices). In the meantime, Nicholas and I are pretty content going to the local Italian grocer and picking up a few bottles, a few Arancini and, oh yeah, maybe one of those homemade Italian Specialty sandwiches with fresh foccacia, prosciutto, basil and mozzarella. Makes a nice little picnic. Have you discovered Boylan’s Soda yet? What’s YOUR favorite flavor?

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