Carefree and Playing House

Have a listen:

Dream Catcher MansionI had the most amazing weekend last weekend this week I spent recovreing from being ill. I just randomly reached out to my pal, the handsome and sexy, Peter Shankman, to thank him for giving me a good laugh from his latest posting on his blog. Turns out Peter was in Carefree this weekend enjoying his stay at a manion. He invited me up to spend the weekend. That was one last minute invite I wasn’t going to turn down.

Kitchen, Sub-ZeroThis place was unbelievable. The kitchen is my dream kitchen. The Sub-Zero is breathtaking. My special favorite appliance, beside the Sub-Zero, was the Flavia instant coffee maker with a selection of 50 different favors of coffee.

While admiring the marble counter tops I imagined myself making sushi right there. Can you believe a modern pantry!

The dining room wasn’t stuffy but beautifully lite and comfortable. I certainly made myself very much at home.

guest housePeter finally was able to pry me out of the kitchen and lead me to the pool. Where the guest house was, besides the 6 bedrooms in the house there is a guest house. And the guest house has its own kitchen.

Oh and BBQ on the third deck. Yes, you guessed correctly this place is build like a triple layered cake. The BBQ was huge! I was so busy taking in the bigger picture that I forgot the small details like who made the grill.

It was the nicest time I spent hanging, chilling, relaxing, and enjoy the company. There was a total light show going on in the sky; between stars and lightening it was special.

I was totally pampered and well pruned.

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