Chicago Daily Eats: Pane Caldo

I’ve always admired Chicago for its beauty and architectural acumen. I lived briefly in Chicago enjoyed the luster of the city and well groomed streets. Unlike, New York – don’t get me wrong New York raised me from a poor country girl to one who appreciates the finer things in life – Chicago has a plan for living. That plan has recently created a new paradigm in cooking.

Let’s take Pane Caldo for instance a complete surprise to my palette – one which was defined by my New York up bringing and country cooking of my ancestors – I was surprised by unusual mix of herbs and spices. I can’t tell you what the cuisine of Pane Caldo is but is apparent it’s a hybrid of French and Northern Italian. And yet the exoteric blend of sweet sour, dill, spicy makes me believe that chef, Maurice Bonhomme’s interesting heritage plays into the juxtaposition of flavors.

I highly recommend Pane Caldo not only for the delicious experience your palette, with a fine pairing of wine, will receive, but makes for a beautiful romantic evening.

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