Cooking for Lazy Gadget Phreaks

Problem: You’re a 40 plus year old man who’s done little more than scramble an egg, and you’re getting royally sick of fully cooked chickens cut into quarters and two slices of cheese pizza from the local joint.

Cooking? Hmm. Seems kind of labor intensive, plus there’s the fear of knives and too many ingredients.

The answer came in a web news perousal in early Februrary. Crockpots! does a convenient review of several models. Didn’t various girlfriends also mention this device? Yes they did! You just dump some meat and veggies in and some six hours later, you have tasty, tender grandma style hearty eats! Hah! Too good to be true?

I decided to find out. The Rival 3861 6 quart countdown programmable crockpot slow cooker. About $50 delivered from Amazon. Highly recommended for the price from Slate.

Two weeks later, I had in my hands a stainless steel rock of a pot, complete with removable innard. Mighty heavy. Cool touchpad buttons on it, appealed to the gadget man in me.

Recipes come next, I will share with you my trials and tribulations in trying to create edible dinners from my new gadget.

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