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The Slow Food Movement is growing strong and we all should be supportive. Began in 1985, by Carlo Petrini out of disgust for the McDonald’s opening a fast food restaurant at the foot of the Spanish Steps. Carlo and friends in protest set up a simple table outside the burger bar and laid it with wine, cheese, hams, bread and other basic but good tasting food which had been made by people they knew. “In defiance of all that the fast food restaurant served and stood for, they wanted to celebrate some slow food.”

Today, Slow Food Movement is over 80,000 strong in over 100 countries. Slow Food members support local farmers and farmers markets. It’s not “about having some fancy slap-up meal. Sure, it’s about enjoying good food and being convivial, but it’s also a bit about national pride, enjoying the fact that the food and drink which comes from our land, climate and traditions is distinctive, but just as good as anywhere else. It’s also a bit about health, because a diet of food that’s been grown properly is almost bound to be better for you than anything labeled as “convenient”. It’s also a celebration of life.”

According to Jim Hopkins of USA Today, “Slow food is grown from neighborhood farms and sold in neighborhood stores — not from industrial growers such as Tyson Foods (TSN) or retail goliaths such as Wal-Mart (WMT). Meanwhile, Whole Foods Market (WFMI) and Wild Oats (OATS), two big grocery chains whose strategies mirror Slow’s mission, saw annual revenue double in the past five years as overall supermarket revenue fell.”

In honor and support of the Slow Food Movement, Daily Eats bought a wide variety of local produce from the local farmers market today. Owned by T.J. and Julie McCuin, Guadalupe Farmers Market Too, is voted the best fresh produce in Phoenix year after year by the “New Times”. The farm boast a successful crop of fresh Florida peaches and is one of at least three in the East Valley where customers can still select their produce straight out of Mother Nature’s grocery basket. T.J. McCuin, who operates the market, which is located in front of the remaining orchards, there would be more but they now have new homes growing on them instead. Guadalupe Farmers Market Too is located at 4011 S. Power Road Mesa, AZ open Monday – Sunday.

Daily Eats bought: peaches, sweet corn, tomatos, lettuce. Also, we found our favorite home made salsa made by Arizona Byers Choice created by Jody and Pete Yarmchuk. Daily Eats had the pleasure of meeting Pete last week at the Mesa Swap Meet. Sadly, Jody died about 15 months ago after a long illness but Pete is keeping her soul alive through her fabulous tasting salsa and corn chips.

Slow Food Movement - Guadalupe Farmers Market Too
Guadalupe Farmers Market Too Arizona Byers Choice - Pete Yarmchuk, Salsa & Chips

Join the Slow Food Movement:
Slow Food USA

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Slow Food Movement

Guadalupe Farmers Market Too – T.J. and Julie McCuin
4011 S. Power Road, Mesa, AZ 85212
Phone: 480-497-0706

Arizona Byers Choice, Inc – Pete Yarmchuk
P.O. Box 31576 Mesa, AZ 85213
Phone: 480-962-4101

“Ready, steady, slow for food revolution”, Donald Reid, Slow Food member, Edinburgh

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The Slow Revolutionary -Carlo Petrini Hero by Alain Ducasse Time Magazine Europe

East Valley growers say peach crop is the best in years and ripe for the plucking, by Toni Laxson, Tribune

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