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How much junk food? District looks for answer, by Heather Woodward
“How much candy, soda and other junk food should be allowed at high schools drew sharp comments from parents, students and doctors at an Olympia School Board meeting Monday.”

Detroit Ponders Taxing Fast Food to Shrink Budget Deficit – USAgNet
“In an effort to curb a possible $300 million budget deficit, Detroit, Michigan, wants to impose a two percent tax on fast-food sales. If passed, the tax will add $0.10 to every $5 meal.”

Dumb Government Department: Detroit Mayor Proposes Fast Food Tax, by Joe Gandelman
Hold the pickle, hold the bun, hold the mayo; will special orders still get taxed?

In the interest of odd sightings in food: George Bush Cheeto
Would that be considered a very cheesy cheeto?

Update on Finger Food Ick Ick:
Finger finder wouldn’t hand over the digit
“The North Carolina man who found a finger in his gourmet ice cream refused to return it even though it possibly could have been reattached to the hand of the employee who lost it.” by David Pescovitz

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