Daily Eats: Interview Craig Kanarick

Craig Kanarick - Orange Candies I, 2004 Limited edition of 20 24x24 prints, $850 each

A very delicious interview with Craig Kanarick! After exciting years in the digital world, Craig tells us all about his cooking adventures at the Babbo, the City’s most extraordinary Italian restaurant. From his journey in cyberspace to the restaurant world Craig is now at the Rockwell Group extending and improving the world of experiencel design.

Craig also reveals his love of creating art with candy. He photographs actual candy a light box and mounts the photo between Plexiglas. Looking at his Candy Photographs brings back childhood joy.

Craig’s favorite Daily Eats is ice cream and gelato, especially Capogiro Gelato
Have a listen!

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  1. I'm just amazed that this guy created an internet company that ended up burning through millions of dollars in cash every month, while he bailed out with zillions while his investors got burned. Then everyone treats him like a genius – but he offers the world zero worth.

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