Daily Eats Interview Phil Gerbyshak, Make It Great

Phil Gerbyshak, Make It Great!
In this Daily Eats interview Phil Gerbyshak give us a wonderful tour of fine eating in Wisconsin. He talks about his favorite Daily Eats
Have a listen:

Phil is married to Kim. They don’t have any children, and live in Glendale WI (suburb of Milwaukee). He’s a Help Desk/Customer Service Manager by day Writer by night. He’s publishing his first book 10 Ways to Make It Great in June of 2006, next book (no title yet) due in mid ’07. Phil’s primary blog is at http://makeitgreat.typepad.com/, he also writes at http://www.wiredhome-weblog.com/ (Wired Home Technologies), http://www.joyfuljubilantlearning.com/ (Lifelong Learning), http://www.100bloggers.com/ (random personal development) and contribute careers articles to http://www.wisconsinjobnetwork.com/

“Make it Great! is not just a statement for me, it’s my mantra for my life. I’m always looking for ways to take my life, and help others take theirs, from good, to GREAT! I love to help others by doing whatever I can to connect them to resources that can help them, be that me as a resource or anything else!”

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