Daily Eats is honored to have Aliza Sherman on board!

Aliza ShermanAliza Sherman needs no introduction to women on the worldwide web. She was responsible for helping them connect to the Internet. But, I am happy to tell you more about how fabulous Aliza is as friend, accomplished business person, passionate writer and blogger, well traveled traveler, awesome producer, brilliant pioneer, and ex-New Yorker. She has made cyberspace a heaven for women to voice their opinions, start their businesses, and give equality in this once male driven industry.

Never afraid to pioneer new territory, she recently left Wyoming for the wilderness of Alaska. Aliza will astound us with her new adventures. Let me tell you takes it a lot of strength and courage to leave New York City and live in small frontier towns. Aliza has both strength and courage. She is a woman of true wisdom, spirit and creativity! And we are excited to have Aliza on board to blog about food, and Alaskan food for Daily Eats. She’s going to temp us with her adventures and tantalize us with edible opportunities!

Aliza’s blogs:
babyfruit: the miscarriage diaries
PRGirl – brought to you by WorldWIT
Moonbow Productions
MediaGirl (who the hell is…?)
Dogorama: Dog Products/News
Blogging Book
travelgirl: give a girl an open road…

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