Daily Eats New Blogger Bud Lavery

Bud LaveryBud Lavery joins Daily Eats from Manhattan, and will be blogging about Visions of Food. Both his creative and visual genius will lend to itself to very clever postings on his ideal love of food.

Bud say’s “My skills in the kitchen leave much to be desired, but I survive. I can make tunafish sandwiches, a decent turkey burger, a mysterious concoction called “The Shrimp Thing,” and a pretty good salad. I owe special thanks to my celebrity pals, Paul Newman (salad dressing), and the indispensible George Foreman (grill).”

Don’t let Bud’s modestly cloud the notion that this made can’t cook! He made me dinner one evening and it was “The Shrimp Thing”. I have to say it was very yummy indeed.

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