Daily Eats – On a Southwest Adventure last leg of the trip

No sooner returned from the Grand Canyon we jumped on a flight for Denver to meet with , Monique Elwell, James O’Connor, Melissa Grossman, and be introduced to Joelle Klein. Before hopping on the 7:30 am America West flight to Denver from Sky Harbor Phoenix I needed a Starbucks. Patiently waiting in line while only one person worked the counter at the Sky Harbor Starbucks. Phoenicians are different than New Yorkers, we all sympathized with her with her workload, this being the milk run flight and many of us have yet to have our daily dose of caffeine. I put my order in for Starbuck’s hot chocolate and chocolate brownie, and felt eyes of envy on me for ordering so boldly. To be honest, it was all so yummy for about five sips and bites then it was way too sweet and gooey.

The flight to Denver was smooth and enjoyable. Courtney noticed sitting in front of us members of Girlfriends Unlimited. They were well dressed with dashes of lovely pinks; gorgeous handbags, great jewelry and some items had the classic “g” logo. Girlfriends Unlimited is truly filled with Girl Power! It resonates with my beliefs about women! While waiting for our rental car Courtney and I struck up a conversation with them. One Girlfriend pointed to Courtney excitedly saying, “I know you from somewhere.” , the most important connection maker of new media/internet industry, is best known across the US and Internationally for her fabulous Cocktails with Courtney parties. It was nice to know her reach made it all the way to Mesa, AZ to Girlfriends Unlimited.

Off to Denver for a reunion of fabulous friends from Silicon Alley! Converging from New York, Wyoming, Phoenix and Denver, we dined outdoors at a local tavern. Some of us had BBQ baby back ribs, while others had salads, avocado dip, and sandwiches. Baby back ribs scored high on the yummy chart but the level of conversation was off the charts. Aliza Sherman said it best on her blog, Mediagirl: Aliza Sherman Rants and Raves entry, “Open Heart Web”,

“I met up with some incredible women this past weekend, all from New York City “back in the day.” We reminisced about the old days in Silicon Alley where we all were entrenched in the sparkly new Web.”

It truly delicious and enjoyable to swap stories about the trial and tribulations of the industry and our next journeys! Each of us made important contributions and sacrifices to made the industry happen.

Courtney, Joelle, Monique, Aliza, Tery - James took the photo
The level of conversation primed us for dinner with Melissa Grossman, James O’Connor, Jack and Devon, who are also ex-New Yorkers from the new media/high tech industry. Out of our discussion Denver Eats was born, which will discuss dining Denver style with regular posts for Daily Eats. You can except very honest straightforward critique of foods, drinks and eating in Denver and surrounding areas.

Completely by chance this trip turned into girls’ theme, going from the Harvey Girls to Girlfriends Unlimited to joining up with powerful Silicon Alley Women; it was truly an adventure, which feed the heart and soul. Not forgetting usual humorous antics with the likes of the dancing hotdog, Buzz Apollo, and the wonders of Wonderbread. It was fun traveling with Courtney!

Hotdogman James Dinner with Buzz

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