Daily Eats – On a Southwest Adventure Part I

It was a madcap fun filled couple of days when visit AZ and CO. Not leaving Courtney much time to rest I picked her up directly from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and off we drove to the Grand Canyon to see the Big Ditch and meet up with Kim and Mike Buchheitt. My little Pontiac SunFire came equipped with cooler filled with assortment of energy drinks including RedBull and Gatorade substitutes; water, ChexMix and of course Lindt truffles and Italian chocolates accompanied as well.

Our great adventure wasn’t as smooth sailing as we thought. As we were about to leave Phoenix a single-engine Cessna 210 crashed on I-17. Traffic came to immediate stop and we slowly inched by the scene, I have to admit I’m glad I didn’t see the plane crash, spirits dampened as I thought there would be casualties from such a horrible crash. Luckily Mr. Randell Kidd survived but sustained serious injuries our best wishes go out to him.

Four hours, two stops along the way, one at the Subway for quick lunch, and spotting several women deer having afternoon tea along the way, we drove into the splendor of the Grand Canyon and to the open arms of Kim and Mike Buchheit. That evening we enjoyed an insider’s hike down South Kaibab Trail.

Kim, Courtney, Tery Mike and Courtney

Kim prepared a feast for us and an evening of discussion about many different topics. Next morning 6:30 am met with Beth and Chris for a very yummy breakfast at the newly remodeled El Tovar Hotel.

Kim, Beth, Chris, Courtney, Mike Breakfast at El Tovar Very Yummy

After a very delicious hardy breakfast we needed a walk before our drive back down to Phoenix. Courtney found a great buy at the El Tovar gift shop the “Havery Girls” DVD starring Judy Garland. We encountered a surprise coincidence, as Kim guided us along the south rim we were greeted by none other then the Winslow Harvey Girls. Dressed in matching t-shirts they eagerly told us about the history of their female relatives who were the Harvey Girls and the honor of being a Harvey Girl, first real waitresses to give class to the restaurant business.
Winslow Harvey Girls

As the morning pulled away we made our way back to the car to begin driving south to Phoenix. Made stops along the way had lunch with Fred, Barney and Dino, and a leg stretch in Sedona and Slide Rock State Park.

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