Daily Eats Podcast: What’s Your Favorite Energy Drink?

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In case you haven’t guessed I’m a total workaholic, but I love what I do. From writing or talking about food, to marketing best consumer products for my clients, to finishing up on some classes I’ve been taking. I suppose you’re wondering I how do I manage to have a life. Here’s my secret…I have to warn you I’m not proud of it but I do indulge in energy drinks. Yes, sad to say I part take. So what’s my favorite?

Here’s some of the energy drinks I’ve tried:
RockStar was tasty. I preferred the diet over the regular and was pleased it wasn’t sweetened with aspartame. Piranha seemed more processed tasting. Regardless of the price I am a fan of Red Bull over the others. Energy Pro did not leave a lasting impression with me. I was pleasantly surprised by SoBe No Fear. I liked the taste and it didn’t make me feel wired-up.

Did they really do anything for me? The only thing I say is they helped me not fall asleep while I was working late at night. Most look sexy in a clear tall glass or martini style. Also, they’re good company on my five hour drives to the Grand Canyon. For me an energy drink is more of a life style choice rather than performance.

I knew I wasn’t the only one out there who loves energy drinks. Dan Mayer is over the top with energy drink consumption. I think he reviewed every kind of energy drink out there. If you are really interested in Energy Drinks check out Dan Mayer’s Energy Drink Review.

Consumption should always be in moderation. Brown University provides some stimulating information about Energy Drinks. Cathy Wong, N.D. at Alt.Medicine at About.com gives some very clear reasons why energy drinks are dangerous when mixed with alcohol. You should not mix energy drink with alcohol because it does impart motor ability, cause headaches, and dry mouth. Definitely do not exercise and use an energy drink to hydrate. It just does not work it only makes you more dehydrated.

What’s your favorite energy drink?

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