Daily Eats Review: Citybakery Arcadia Farms Phoenix

First impressions last the longest…My impression of Citybakery will last a lifetime. A week ago in my email box, among 100’s of emails, spam, personal and business emails I received a very pleasant invite from the Bentley Gallery to welcome Arcadia Farms’ new Citybakery to Bentley Projects. The invite read “stop by on Wednesday May 11 for trial run/free lunch.” Who could resist such an invite?

Bently Projects I not only stopped by Citybakery, I lingered for a long time because the atmosphere is made for lingering, musings, and sensuous desires. What a surprise and architectural thrill the entire Bentley Projects Complex is! In all of my years of living and traveling to some of the finest cities in the world, I have never experienced a perfect combination of complimentary economic venues and values, which dazzles the senses the soul as Bentley Projects provide.

From a stroll through Bentley Gallery with it’s modern showcase of art wonders, to the literary works of the Poisoned Pen, and topped off with tasty fare from Citybakery. This new effort to migrate businesses to lower downtown Phoenix is going to work. My compliments to the business mastermind, which made all of these linkages possible. Bentley Projects is a truly a Phoenix business masterpiece!

Citybakery Phoenix Upon entering Citybakery I couldn’t help myself from comparing the layout to Rose Cafe in Venice Beach, California. You have the option of dining inside or at the outside patio separated by French doors. I love the crisp and colorful interior with lovely undertones. Did I mention there is plenty of parking in the complex!

Lunch at Citybakery was marvelous. I ordered the Tart & Salad. The warm tart is a delightful combination of white corn, string beans, tomato, roasted peppers and artichokes with a mixture of goat and smoked mozzarella cheese. The fresh mixed green salad was topped with almond slices and raspberry dressing was the perfect component. The best for last was new dessert addition to the menu: the cupcake. You know cupcakes are in vogue! Citybakery’s cupcakes burst of thick delightful chocolate frosting and tasty vanilla cake though very yummy was slightly dry.

Citybakery AZ Tart & Salad Citybakery AZ Cupcake

Arcadia Farms founded by Carolyn Ellis got her beginnings in Old Town Scottsdale. The lovely Lisa Giungo is the managing partner of the Citybakery and creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

As I sipped the delicious apricot tea, I thought to myself “I got more than my “free lunch” I found divine inspiration in downtown lower Phoenix at the Bentley Projects!”

My rating: this is a five star! be sure to note this is “The Place” to be in Phoenix.

Citybakery opened Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4 pm, Saturday 7am-3pm, “First Fridays” 6-9 pm
Located: 215 East Grant Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004-2629
Telephone: 602-253-7200
website: http://www.citybakeryaz.com

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