Daily Eats review: Elle, Country Wine Restaurant, Tucson, AZ

My brother, Tom, was on business in Tucson from Massachusetts so we decided to drive from Phoenix to meet him on Sunday for lunch. Not knowing Tucson very well I contacted a blogger friend, Michael Bryon, who recommended Cafe Poca Cosa. All excited I called Cafe Poca Cosa, but they are closed on Sundays. So opted for Claim Jumper, only to arrive at the restaurant, and told it was not opening until 3pm because of some problem not elaborated on.

Riding up and down Alvernon Way, through the center of Tucson in hopes of finding a great restaurant to have Sunday dinner with Tom. We were almost going to drive back to Phoenix because it would all seem restaurants in Tucson are closed for lunch on Sundays. I now know I’m not in NYC any more. After an hour of endless searching we drove past Elle on 3048 Broadway Boulevard. I grabbed the triple A book I looked up Elle much to my surprise and my diabetic father’s relief, this glamorous place is open for Sunday Brunch! We made a U-turn back to Elle.

The decor is stunning, architecture impressive with beautiful nuances. If a scene speaks for the food this is certainly an indication of excellent cuisine. Jeff Fuld and Fernando Elizalde own Elle, a wine country restaurant and may I add experience. Elle has a wine list that boasts some 300 wines that span the globe. A wonderfully rich selection that will intrigue your taste buds.

It was there, together for the first time since last year, my family and I had Sunday brunch. My mother had the seafood dish, which displayed a variety of different seafood and ahi tuna grilled to perfection. Tom had a marvelous sole. My father had the pork medallions, which he ate with delight. I had a flavorful sun dried tomato quiche with salad. All were impeccably delicious. Our dining host, Erica was delightful.

Onto dessert, which is something special at Elle. I had the double chocolate cake, they have 3 different chocolate desserts on their menu. My mother had a duo creme brulee, and Tom had bread pudding. All of the desserts were out of this world in taste and presentation.

Jeff Fuld came by to introduce himself and see how we were enjoying brunch. He told us, Fernando, his business partner, and he took over Elle only 4 months ago. Well hats off to you both it was a total delight in food presentation, service, and atmosphere, to add jazz was off course the background music.

Elle TucsonI give Elle 5 champagne toasts!

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Location and phone number:
3048 East Broadway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ

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