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You walk into Durant’s through the kitchen. It’s buzzing with excitement as lunches are being prepared for the business crowd. From the hussling of kitchen business, you walk into the dimly lit dining room, no windows to speak of. Picture this an old time speakeasy, red walls dark furniture with Mafia undertones, very smokey, glamorous blondes dressed in Chanel suits sitting across from tall dark and handsome in pinstripes well sort of like that.

As I was lead to my table I wondered what deals were being made in the dark? Was life and death be negotiated? Was Durant’s of the same legacy steakhouses as New York’s infamous Old Homestead where you chewed your steak quickly for fear of what may happen or Delmonico’s where you strained to hear some inside trading tips?

Jack Durant, the founder, speaks of Durant’s as “Good friends, great steak and the best booze are the necessities of life.” I wanted to put his motto to the test and met Tavis Logan there for lunch. Travis, new Regional Event Chairperson of Phoenix Ryze was introduced to me via the brilliant marketing maven, Andrew Kraft the orginator of NYC Ryze. Ryze, by the way, is a business networking club founded by Adrian Scott. Travis is an impressive connection maker, who is also president of 99AZ, another business networking club, which I will check out on Tuesday evening.

As I hankered to overhear what conversations were being had at Durant’s, to my surprise the lunch crowd was loud and festive drinking what’s on tap not the usual martini-guzzling crowd I’m use to. My focus immediately drifted back to my table. Lunch was far from dull with Travis we chatted about a wide variety of subjects including my favorites: anything-New York City and quantum physics. In between bites of my delightful cheeseburger cooked to perfection, Travis surprised me with when he asked if I saw the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know?”. An awesome film about quantum physics. We also chatted briefly about Dr. Joe Dispenza and creating your day. All in all we had a powerful discussion over a lovely casual two-hour lunch.
How do I feel about Durant’s: I think Travis would agree lunch was excellent. Though I could do without the second hand smoke, which steals from the true flavors of beef, and spoils my hair and my lovely expensive suit.

I rate Durant’s 4.5 slabs of free ranch beef – I would have given a full 5 but I am a stickler for smoke free dining. Hey if the Old Homestead and Delmonico’s in NYC are cigar and cigarette free and still cranking in the green, so can every steakhouse in the US. Trust me smell is the best part of eating a good piece of steak and second hand smoke doesn’t add to the flavor.

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