Daily Eats Rewiew of Scottsdale New Year’s

Scottsdale New Year’s Eve 2005 was promoted as an evening of Champagne and Chefs. There was more Budweiser and Jack Coke flowing to fill Diamond Back stadium, Champagne being the least seen. But where were the chefs? Where were the non-alcoholic drinks for those of use who prefer not to guzzle all night long and have that one toast?

Let me get to the point, this was a totally disappointment from an event stand point. Not worth the price of admission for VIP’s at $118. The first disappointment was the price of the ticket. Promoted at $100 but once you get through the transaction process you find out there is a couple of hidden fees. The City of Scottsdale takes a nice slice for the event. But wait whatever happened to truth in advertising? Why not promote it as $118 event? What’s the big deal? Instead surprise the customer at the end with surprise grand total. I did call GetTix.net and had a very nice conversation with the Customer Service Rep. He told me the City of Scottsdale did not want to tell customers up front about the extra $18.00. I wonder why?

The food well, I really couldn’t enjoy it because there were no seats and no direction to finding seats. 3 course…no way. If the great chefs were cooking their talents were sadly wasted. And where’s the cake? Cookies don’t count as a dessert at $118 per person for Scottsdale, AZ.

I don’t recommend this event for people over the age of 38. This good venue is for the 21-30 year old folks who like the bump and grind and are not aware of what an well-organized event is all about.

I did enjoy music by Crown Kings who only played until 9pm. And love Soulful Horizons! They were worth seeing and hearing!

Did I have a totally awful time?
Joanne and Tery
No, I was with Joanne and Scott Fried and friends. We made the most of the time. The weather was perfect! I did leave at 10:30 to meet my dad for a New Year’s toast. My poor mom is ill again so could not join us.

Next year I’ll take my $118 plus and a few more dollars, and spend it on a fine dinner with a very handsome companion toasting to the Paris lights and our good fortune from 2006.

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