Devilicously Denver

Saturday morning was a delicously warm sunny day in delightful Denver. This day we were to dine with with my doubly-pregnant cousin, Patricia Pierce.

The marvelous Melissa Grossman (formerly of Zefer), who should’ve been at our ladies luncheon yesterday but I was too jet-lagged to think strategically like that, joined myself and Tery at Devil’s Food Bakery.

I had a salad and the macaroni and cheese. It was delicious! Delightful! Delovely!
Please note Patricia’s delicately manicured hands.

Tery, Melissa and I chatted more about the dot-com days in Silicon Alley and planned some strategic moved towards recounting those glory days…but more on that later.

Trish told us about her triumphs and travails of carrying around two twin girls in her belly (she’s due in June) for the first time.

We marveled at her size! She was All Baby. Trish is such a petit and feminine woman, it was quite the site to see her with a big bubble in front as she made her way around in her cute denim overalls. Before lunch she and her husband Tom gave us a little tour of their home, which they are also fixing up. The nursery was adorable.

After a delicious lunch we ordered desserts, which were just sinful! A red-velvet bomb and a chocolate mocha cake…they put us over the top!

Energized from our lively conversation we kissed and hugged goodbyes and Tery and I strolled out into the sunshine for a little tour of Downtown Denver before our evening flight.

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