Does This Phone Make Me Look Fat?

Cell phones have long been a source of irritation in restaurants, but the situation may be about to get worse.

MyFoodPhone is an interesting — if slightly Orwellian — new concept in diet management. Using an ordinary picture phone, subscribers photograph their meals before they eat them, then upload the images to their personal dietitian. The dietitian then analyzes every morsel and prepares a weekly online report rating the subscriber’s choices, including a video message in which they’re praised for their veggies and scolded for that slice of Boston Cream Pie.

There’s also a feature of the report called Dashboard that uses automotive-style dials to assess the dieter’s progress and track their intake. (Fortunately, it doesn’t also come with Rearview Mirror, warning that objects may be larger than they appear.)

The service costs $149 per month, though there’s an introductory rate of $99.

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