Eatza Pizza

What would happen if you combined Luby’s Cafeteria and Pizza Hut, with a little bit of Chuck E Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza throw in? You’d get Eatza Pizza. Oh, and all you can eat.

I went in to the location at 101 and Raintree, in Scottsdale to test out the place. Well, actually, it was 3.00 PM and I realized I had not had anything to eat that day, and I was in the area.

Ryan, the manager, was the man behind the counter. A graduate of NAU’s highly regarded restaurant management program, he has his work cut out for him at Eatza Pizza.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great gimmick of all you can eat pizza, and the prices are pretty low: Adults lunch for $5.49, otherwise its $5.99. Children 8 and under for $3.49, which includes a soda for the kids. Plus, from a friend that owns a pizza place in the Midwest, and full large pizza costs about $2, so they are making money.

The shtick is come in for a buffet of pizzas, plus pasta, salad and chicken. And, deserts. The costs are low, perfect for little leaguers, birthday parties, and, well, when I was there, old people. A lot of old people.

The food itself, though, is a different story. I chose Pizza Hut because I think they are the worst of the fast pizzas – greasy, tasteless, and, well, gross. The pizza at Eatza Pizza had that same odd crust that Pizza Hut has, and were a bit salty for my taste. The fried chicken was done just right, but the spices were nothing to write home about. Actually, it was a little bland.

The deserts were pizza-based, and not bad. And, they serve Coke, which is always a sign of better establishments.

But, if I were the coach of a little league team, or a soccer team, and I had to take the players out for post-game dinners and lunches, I would go to Eatza Pizza and let the kids go nuts. It’s the type of place for that, not for culinary delights.

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