Elephant Bar Henderson, NV

I was off to Hendersen, NV after a great weekend in Las Vegas, to visit Al and Sharon Fried. Sharon had a list of places to have lunch and we agreed the Elephant Bar was worth a try. Elephant Bar is nestled in on Village Walk Drive, a lovely place for shopping and browsing.

We ordered cocktails. I had a glass of Kendell Jackson Chardonnay while Sharon and Al had Mai Thais. Much to their disappointment the Mai Thais were made with Grenadine which made them too sweet.

Al and Sharon toasting disappointing Mai Thais

Nevertheless we had great lunch. Al had the Santa Barbara Burger, Sharon the Braised Lamb Shanks, and I enjoyed macadamia nut with Chicken and Shrimp on lima bean and veggie bed.

The icing was the dessert, which was a towering delight we all enjoyed sharing.

Artic Mountain Walnut Brownie Sundae

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