Fiamma of Scottsdale….

I’m no stranger to B.R. Guest Restaurants. While living in New York I dined divinely at Blue Water Grill (several times with varies male suitors), both Dos Caminos (many occasions), Isabella’s, both Ruby Foo’s (a regular at Times Square since I lived so close by). And my favorite haunt for agency execs, Park Avalon where plenty of client engagements and multi million dollar deals were made.

I was excited and expecting the same quality of food in Fiamma of Scottsdale that I had from the other B.R. Guest Restaurants…

I have but only one word to describe the food at Fiamma of Scottsdale: BORING. Sadly disappointed, I yawned over the Fiamma Chicken Cobb; the dressing had no taste. I was hoping the “special” pasta with shrimp would perk me up, but you can’t fool me on pasta. Though it was home made the sauce so over powered with hot pepper spice it was difficult to enjoy the flavors of the sauce. I had a similar dish at ViceVersa in New York’s Hell Kitchen, which is superb. ViceVersa’s chef, Stefano Terzi’s sauce is to die for!

I have no complaints about the service at Fiamma’s. It was lovely. The decor my style. Perhaps the chef was just having an off day and wasn’t expecting a customer with taste.

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