Fix Las Vegas

Dinner in Las Vegas kicked off the celebration of Bill Firing’s Fabulous Birthday. We celebrated at Fix, located in my favorite. The architecture of Fix is contemporary in style with stunning ceiling. Music was loud blaring old early nineties late eighties tunes. The smokers who walked by Fix would exhale second hand smoke that would upset the environment and steel from the sensuality of food scents. Regardless we still had an outstanding evening.

was beautifully presented. The winner of the evening was the Yellowtail Sashimi Jalapeño, Ponzu topped with thinly sliced jalapeño and one leaf of cilontro, splashed with citrus juice. Pumpkin filled ravioli in a sage butter sauce was very tasty. Scallops “Benedict”, wrapped in Apple Wood Bacon, Crab Hollandaise was enjoyed. As was the very beautiful Shrimp “Louis” & Coctail Sauce. The only complaint from our party of 8 was the pork chop was under cooked.

Yellowtail Sashimi Jalapeño, Ponzu
Sage Ravioli

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