Food in the News: Finger Food ick!

I just can’t help myself. Ick to the in the custard, double ick to the hoax about the finger found in Wendy’s.

Finger food: the case of the custard A man in North Carolina found a finger in a container of gourmet ice cream from Kohl’s Frozen Custard in Wilmington, North Carolina. Customer Clarence Stowers discovered the digit when he dug into his chocolate desert at home. – by David Pescovitz

Mediaocrity: News Gives Public The Finger: “News Gives Public The Finger”

Despite finger, body parts in food rare

Despite Discovery of Severed Finger in Custard, Statistics Show Body Parts in Food Is Rare

Custard Finger

My question why would anyone put something in his or her mouth to see what it is?

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