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California Pizza Kitchen in Las Vegas
At the Fashion Show Mall

I was up and adam Saturday morning, why should I linger in bed in Las Vegas? By 9:30 am I was riding the LV Monorail from the Stratosphere to the Four Seasons where Bill and Joseph stayed. We couldn’t at more opposite ends of the strip. I enjoyed soaking up the spectacular view of Las Vegas from the Monorail.

Arriving at the beautiful quiet Four Seasons at 10:30 am. Bill, Joseph and I discussed the events of the night before. Hopped in a cab and skirted around town, eyeing Steve Wynn’s beautiful Wynn Resort Hotel. Rumor has it Steve Wynn built the Wynn Resort Hotel to honor his wife. She must be an amazing lady for him to spend to billions on her. Steve also says he is proud to put his name on his hotel, and proud he should be the Wynn is a truly magnificent piece of architecture. I’ll be back to take for an inside look when it opens.

The cab dropped us off at the Fashion Show Mall. It was time for lunch. After a moment’s hesitation we all agreed upon California Pizza Kitchen or fondly known as CPK.

Maria was our dining host and we indulged in soups, pizza salads, and pizza. My tricolor salad was overwhelming in size and great in taste. The pea soup was great tasting but not hot enough. After lunch Bill and Joseph and I parted ways. I had a mission and that was to buy Bill’s Birthday gift.
The Fashion Show Mall is awesome. Every hour there is a real fashion show that stirs up excitement and enthusiasm. I spent the majority of the day there and was off again for salon services in the Stratosphere. I concluded there are two types of people who come to Las Vegas the gamblers, and spa/shop folks like myself.

Four Seasons Birthday Bash
Bill's Birthday CelebrationWe all arrived at the Four Seasons at 8pm sharp to begin a festive celebration. When the door of Bill’s suite opened blue and white balloons carefully arranged awed me. They created a special atmosphere.

Appetizing Hors d’oeuvres included 3 types of Tuna, various cheeses, fruit, shrimp and sushi. Champagne flowed to the tune of Dom Perignon and we toasted to birthday wishes to Bill.

Lovely Hors d'oevres
The birthday cake was a masterpiece to the eyes with caramelized icing, chocolate accents, and tickled the stomach with anticipation. As anticipate this decadent pastry was wickedly good! Flavored fresh strawberry icing laced the top interior layer of the cake while thick vanilla cream mortared the remaining two layers. The cake itself was rich tasting French vanilla. My tongue moaned with surprise and joy! I do love cake!

The Birthday Cake

My tongue moaned with surprise and joy
In the wonderful and elegant style of Bill a limousine to tour the strip. Our first stop was the Graceland Chapel where friends remarried. The Graceland Chapel hosted many celebrity marriages including Jon Bon Jovi. It was a fun quickie marriage.

Bill whisked us off to the casinos with first stop Paris, Paris where I won $22 and onto the Palms. At the Palms we tied to get into the Ghost Bar but the line went on and on. Do note that people attending the Palms are roughly in their early twenties.

Early Morning Burgers at the Coffee Shop at Mandalay Bay
It was now about 2:45 am and we were beat. Not so much by our losses but by over stimulation of the evening from delicious food, to entertaining wedding, to high jinx and just being with good friends!

Needing more nourishment we retired to my favorite place Mandalay Bay to the Coffee Shop. Over perfectly grilled hamburgers we quietly discussed our madcap adventures. It was a great ending to a spectacular celebration of Bill’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Bill it was a great celebrating with you and your friends!

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