From Crepes to Gates

The end of my New York trip comes full circle. Jane and I took the train into New York to meet up with Karen and Richard and see the Gates by Christo.

I left Jane, Karen and Rich at Billy’s cupcake went to meet Jennifer Nash at LeGamin. We had a long discussion over hot chocolate and crepes. After crepes we split very yummy French pastries at La Bergamot. Jen was looking as beautiful and sexy as ever. She made a couple hour drive in from Philadelphia to see me.

Jennifer Nash
divide and conquer

I met up with Jane, Karen and Rich at Bud’s for a taste of Billy’s cupcakes before going off to see the Christo’s Gates. Billy’s cupcakes were just ok in my book. I didn’t like the frosting at all it left a funny aftertaste. I’ve known Karen as long as I’ve known Jane we met in the New Haven Art community.

Jane, Karen, Rich

Off to the Gates. Oh what an impression presentation! I love the whole concept of the Gates. Christo spent years planning this wrapping of Central Park and raised more than $21 million for it. People from all walks and talks of life passed throught the gates. Each had a personal impression of the experience. I was even more impressed on this freezing Saturday afternoon the park was packed.
Christo's fabulous Gates

I had a great trip saw my fabulous friends, enjoyed some very delicious eats, and spectacular art. Farewell New York and I’ll see you again soon.

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