Furio Scottsdale, AZ

After meeting Travis Logan at Ryze networking event, we had dinner at Furio, which was a delight in both company and dining experience. The Dungeness Crab Ravioli with red and yellow pepper sauce were amazing. A survey between Travis and myself discovered that the red pepper sauce was spicier than its yellow partner was. In between bits and bites Travis, sipped a fine D’Arenberg Stump Jump Red Wine, a smooth deep red with a mixture of fruits.Travis Logan

Ryan, our handsome, dining host, served us well and provided great recommendations. The main courses served were Parmesan Crusted Shrimp with snow pea and prosciutto risotto and Filet del Furio with roasted root vegetables and marsala potatoes. I can say equally delicious. And further say the Filet del Furio was cooked to perfection and taste.

Instantly loved the decor of the Furio, reminds me of the Hotel Triton in SF. Fun, minimal furniture the illusion of lots of space. Though I get the feeling that Furio is not sure if it wants to be a nightclub or a restaurant. The music from one part of the establishment fights with the other along with the scent of cigarette smoke. I say give up on trying to be a lounge, cut the bar area in half and open up the restaurant. Of course forbid smoking. It’s a nasty habit anyway.

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