Happy OneWebDay

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Daily Eats the food lovers’ blog celebrates OneWebDay by baking a cake and singing Happy OneWebDay. Daily Eats’ Chief Eater, Tery Spataro’s mother, Joyce baked a special chocolate cake to celebrate this historic event. OneWebDay is a great community building concept. I’m glad Renee Edelman let me know about it.

I’ve been on the net since 1989, thanks to Stacy Horn, ECHO and the WELL. I’ve always been enthusiastic about the internet and it’s potential ever since my first experience. I showed both my grandparents what I’ve been up to in the early days. They were as wowed by a computer delivering content as they were when they got their first TV way back then. Encouraged my family to use email and share photos online.

Over the years I dedicated time to teach young folks how to create websites and brought new generation of internet users to blog. As we have seen over past couple of years the online world seems to be replacing the dirt world. The web makes me feel like I’m connect to a global community that is interested in developing relationships, creativity, music, film, arts, writing and of course food.

I encourage you to indulge in the experience and let your communities know about OneWebDay.

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