Heart Healthy Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Since we are on the subject of addictions. Let me reveal my one and only one: DARK CHOCOLATE! Have you heard about the benefits of eating dark chocolate? CNN reported today that Dark Chocolate has some very heart healthy benefits.

I gathered opinions on chocolate from my very successful sophisticated educated lovely and beautiful friends:

Kim Buchheit, “Chocolate: My FAVORITE topic! While I am known for always having M&M’s at my desk (which is, btw, a cheap way to make and keep friends), I actually do favor the dark chocolate. And now the “experts” are telling the world what we chocoholics have known intuitively all our lives: Dark chocolate is oh so good for you! Just yesterday, while out contemplating whether or not to by a new Mac G5, I decided on purchasing a fabulous dark-chocolate-dipped macaroon from Godiva instead (at $3.00 each, the chocolate sweet was a much easier purchase to make; and perhaps equally as satisfying). While indulging in this cost-effective confection, the world disappeared and it was just me and my chocolate. I think this is one of the allures of cocoa: When consuming it, one is immediately awakened to the “moment” — to the “now.” There’s something very Zen about chocolate.”

Sarah-Jane Redmond, “Chocolate….. There is something about the physical senses after sex that is so heightened, yet the mind is so relaxed, and this is the best time to really indulge in my favorite, truffles. Not too many, but the better quality does pay off in taste. I am not fond of the fruit filled ones, just a bit of lovely chocolate, perhaps some nuts in there, and I am in heaven.”

Jackie Sallon, “Sorry, Tery, but as I don’t eat chocolate I can’t help with this.”

Jennifer Nash, ” While I’m a chocolate snob and tend to stray from the path of healthy righteousness only for the dark ones, I’m hopelessly curious–so anything with a surprising center will inspire my lust. So yes, bring on the creamy caramels, light raspberry creams and lemony centers. Mocha almond crunch? Why not, Marshmallow and orange peel explosion? Oh yeah. I think truffles are so repetitive, one after the other the same boldness, the same richness and the same concentration. I want variety. I want oral entertainment. I want surprise. Where do I find it? To be honest I have yet to find the perfect sweet spot. Richart is wonderful and while not high-end, Laura Secord in Canada is pretty grand as well. And ultimately, as long as it’s good chocolate I’m pretty darn pleased.”

Courtney Pulitzer, “Well! Here’s my list, I’ll give a sentence: you can’t beat M&M’s–plain, peanut or almond! also: Snickers, Heath Bars, and Skor, Hershey’s Kisses. This is one area where I’m not a snob. In fact, good ol’ standard M&M Mars and Hershey brands are good for me!”

Angelina Jao, “I don’t really eat chocolate much, being hypoglycemic puts a crimper on my appreciation of this vastly loved food… But when I HAVE had chocolate, I’ve liked Nestle Crunch – not too overwhelmingly sweet, & I like the crispy texture. Same with Kit Kat! I’ve tried Godiva & other gourmet chocolates, but they’re just too much for me to handle. I don’t mind bittersweets too much. Texture seems to be attractive to me, come to think of it. I like almonds with a little chocolate. Or fruit. With a little hot melted chocolate. Temperature helps add interest…”

Annabelle Mayntz, “Outside: Imagine a cold and miserable winter/slush/gray day. Inside: cozy bathroom, bubble bath, funny book, glass of chilled white wine and the favorites: “Merci” chocolates taste: bitter cream! A combination of dark chocolate and sweet cream, great color combination and tickling all those taste buds! Isn’t life good! Love to you, this is my chocolate heaven. Not sure if you could buy “Merci” chocolate in the States, company is Storck AG.”

Alexandra Fiedler, My favorite chocolate is “Milka” from Suchard. My favorite is pure milk chocolate. -It remembers me to my childhood, cause my grandmother always had this chocolate ready for me. It is the best flavour, cause it is so soft and smooth in your mouth. I close my eyes during eating and enjoy every bite on it – and it doesn’t take long and the whole package is gone ;-). You have to try it, maybe you can get it in the States.”

Ellen Sragow, “My favorite chocolate is “Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews”, sold only in New York. A local candy. And they even have a web site.”

Lisa Napoli, Hmm. How about: Almost any. My friend Rob sent me Jacques Torres for my birthday. Gorgeous, but almost too gorgeous to eat. Have been loving Scharffen Berger lately, too.”

Lynn Paulella, “I have been pondering your chocolate question a have come up with this: Green & Blacks organic mint. This gem of a chocolate bar is dark chocolate with a soft mint center. The other option is the Endangered Species Supreme Dark chocolate. The chimpanzee bar & the chimp mints as well. And last, but certainly not least, the Peppermint Phatty Vegan Candy Bar. A great company called Tree Huggin Treats makes this. I am so hooked on this candy bar and apparently so are many other chocolate fiends because most of the time they are sold out!”

Tery Spataro, “I love dark chocolate! Though on the rarest of occasions I’ve been know to slum and go for Peanut M&M’s. It was James Khazar, who turned me on to Scharffen Berger. Then, Jennifer Nash sent me 6 kilos of Scharffen Berger as a gift for doing her a business favor. That’s w
hat I call getting paid in pleasure. I put all 6 kilos to work in many different ways. Though I do truly love
Endangered Species, Supreme Dark Chocolate. I get that great burst of “feel good energy” on my brain and I am also supporting a good social conscious company.”

The fastest and most healthy way to get to someone’s heart and to make him/her very happy is with DARK CHOCOLATE!

Dark Chocolate Good for the Heart by Paul Chaney
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