Heaven is Pizza and Wine

My cousin Neil – a great cousin, a great painter – has a theory on heaven. When he was in college, heaven was pizza and beer. Now as he’s older, it’s pizza and wine. I have to agree, although I’m not a beer drinker, and not much of a wine drinker.

Last time I was in New York, my cousin took me to heaven on Earth: Otto Pizzeria. Part of the Mario Batali empire, Otto has an amazing wine list, some great appetizers, an amazing pizza list, and an amazing (albeit gross sounding) olive oil ice cream.

Now, when I went, I had a cheese pizza with an egg. Yes, that does sound odd, but the waiter suggested it as one of his favorites. When I got the pizza, he suggested I take the fork, smash the yolk and smush it around the pizza on all the slices. Again, yes, that sounds gross but this was an amazing pizza. The combination of the egg with the cheese and tomato sauce was quite delectable – so much, that I tried really badly to replicate it at home (it doesn’t work).

While I agree that heaven does involve pizza – as it was a staple during college, and my nutrionist said it was fine to eat – I like to eat my slices. Now, I’m in Scottsdale, and I’m not going to be finding the corner Ray’s, although I do work 30 steps away from Patsy Grimaldi’s and 40 steps away from Nello’s, as reviewed by Tery. The problem with Grimaldi’s in Scottsdale is … no slices. Don’t sell me this NY style pizza crap if you don’t have slices. So, for slices in Scottsdale, I have to go to … Slices.

Now, Slices is Boston pizza, not New York pizza. Or, that’s how it was explained to me, which explains why it’s not totally amazing for me, but just okay. There’s way too much corn meal on the bottom of the slices for my taste (none, please), and when I first went there for lunch, there was only one person working there and they had no plain cheese (the only way to eat pizza). The second time, they had cheese.

And, while it is not my favorite pizza, I really cannot beat the price: two slices of cheese and large soda for $5. So, when I want pizza, and don’t feel like getting a full (overpriced) pie at Grimaldi’s, or being lazier and ordering Papa John’s or Domino’s, I walk over to Slices. If I had my choice, though, I’d walk to Ottos.

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