Hello Jerusalem Artichokes!

Living in Alaska, it is really hard to get fresh organic produce, especially in the dead of winter, the long, long winter. I’d heard about an organic farm in Washington State – Full Circle Farm – that delivered to the Last Frontier so decided to take advantage of it. For $36/small box every 2 weeks, my husband, baby and I are now enjoying delicious organic fruits and veggies like avocado, navel oranges, spinach, broccoli, yams…and then one day…

Yes, that is what it said on the list of produce.

So, of course, I had to look that up on the Internet. Turns out sunchoke is another name for a Jerusalem Artichoke which is neither from Jerusalem nor an artichoke – go figure. Here’s a definition:

a member of the sunflower family, not the artichoke family. It is a lumpy, multi-pronged, brown tuber that looks like gingerroot. The crunchy white flesh has a nutty, sweet flavor. The skin is very thin and nutritious and may be washed well before using. Can be eaten raw or cooked. Also known as sunchoke.”

from Cooking.com

My husband said he remembers digging up sunchokes as a young boy and eating them raw. That’s a Montana mountain man for you.

Ready and willing to experiment, I turned to Martha Stewart for a recipe idea and came across one that sounded perfect:

Jerusalem Artichoke gratin

I’d love to say that I followed the recipe to a tee, but in reality, my husband sliced them up and added some butter, grated cheddar, salt and pepper and cooked it in the microwave for about 10 minutes or so.

And they were delicious. Tasted like potatoes.

Fine Print: Jerusalem Artichokes are known to be a gas producing food. Hey, just a warning.

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