Horrors of Dating

This was emailed to me (don’t bother to ask by who, I promised secrecy) and it’s about three or so weeks old. And before you give me crap for posting it, trust me, it was forwarded about 22 times before it hit me, so it’s definitely out there. I’m not printing anything that doesn’t already exist.” from Peter Shankman – CEO of the GeekFactory

Peter is a dear friend from the industry and hell’s kitchen. His posting “How Not to Act on JDate” decribes the horrors of dating. btw Peter paid when we went out…we didn’t actually date but I think I owe him lunch or something like that.

Darren Sherman meets Joanne online, he takes this girl out to the China Grill, one of my favorite places in NYC. She offers to split the bill but he insists on paying…here’s what happens afterYou have to listen to the audio files they’re the best!

“You ate the food and drink the wine!”

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