Is LA Growing On Me? 3/11-14/05

I took the milk run from Phoenix to LA, you know that very early morning Southwest flight which only the hard core business travelers, who dare to beat the cows to the office. First stop was the Rose Cafe. A lovely country style cafe with outdoor eating. I had a great bagel with tomato and cream cheese with a decaf-coffee. I honestly couldn’t stand eating anything fussy for this business lunch. As it was my guest pointed out that I had something stuck in my teeth after I finished. I felt that was a good sign that our business relationship would be comfortable and honest.

I never thought I could fall for LA, but it’s kind of growing on me. I spent the remainder of this lovely weekend with dear friends. Sarah-Jane Redmond met me after my business meeting for a walk down Rose Avenue to the nearby Starbucks. Sarah-Jane and I had a lot of catching up to do. It was so lovely to see her, do check out her site. It was so kind of her to give me a lift to Lisa Napoli’s downtown place.

I never realized how very art and architecture LA really is until spending time with Lisa Napoli in downtown LA. Downtown. Not very far from Lisa’s home is the spectacular designed Gehry – Disney Concert Hall. Nestled inside is the Redcat, my new favorite place to hang out. The last time I was visiting Lisa I went to the Redcat and met George Lugg. George remembered me and we had a delightful conversation along with Katie, who works at Redcat too about their favorite places to eat. Their list included Cuidad, Toast, and Dough Boys. Incidentally, the Redcat has some awesome exhibits. I did see the Buried Treasure by Taro Shinoda, which was a great Zen experience. After the Redcat I dropped in on the MoCA to see the Visual Music exhibit, which is outstanding!

After the experience at the MoCA I needed to relax a little I headed to the Bonaventure, Jack, the doorman there recommended I have a glass of champagne at the Bona Vista Lounge. He was right. The view was amazing. I wonderful service provided by John, was my dining host. I had a glass of Cordon Ronje and Scottish/Norwegian Smoked Salmon plate, which I very much enjoyed. The taste of the smoked pepper salmon was amazingly delicious.

Lovely Salmon plate

Champagne Vew

The rest of my lovely weekend was spent with Lisa Napoli. Saturday, we searched for Sumo Wrestling and found Skymeals. We a great deal of fun at Surfas’ restaurant supply and gourmet food store in Culver City. Of course I found some interesting chocolate. After we shared sandwiches and Vanity Fair before visiting Lisa’s friend Paul. Ended the evening with dinner with Lisa Nugent at Zip Fusion sushi. Zip was wonderful, but our conversation was so intriguing I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted to. We walked around East Third Street and Lisa Nugent saw some friends who invited us up to see the view of the city.

Sunday we spent the day at the Huntington where we walked for about three miles and saw the Sir Isaac Newton exhibit. Late that evening we met Bill and Joseph for Korean BBQ Downtown. Monday I had to leave but had another business meeting arranged at the Kokomo Cafe, which was awesome! I must go back to spend time exploring.

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