Kidnapped at Newark…

I flew from Phoenix to Greenville with a three hour stop in Newark. I was looking for the gate at Newark for my flight, a bathroom and the nearest Starbucks when I got a call on my cell phone. Deep mysterious voice with a European accent said, “You know I got the scoop on the BEST he emphasized best, “Calamari in the world.” “Who’s this?” I asked. He replied, “You’ll see and I can guarantee this Calamari will be a life changing experience meet me at exit 3 in five minutes. I’m in the black Audi.”

This has to be a joke I thought as all common sense left me and I dashed off to meet this mysterious caller with promise of the best Calamari in the world. There he was tall handsome and Greek waiting with a big grin on his face as through he had an inside tip, and he held the passenger door open for me. “Get in”, he directed. And we sped off. I told him I only had 3 hours to kill before my next flight. Not a problem he said.

Casa Calamari the best Calamari in the worldAnd before I knew it I was in Bay Ridge sitting outside this charming little hole in the wall called “Casa Calamari”. He wasn’t kidding the golden fried Calamari was HUGE, delightful, soft and chewy with a tangy tomato dipping sauce. The Vegetali salad with grilled Portabello Mushrooms, broccoli, eggplant and mozzarella was very good. We split a dish of Ravioli, to quote Casa Calamari Only the BEST (Pastosa). As I enjoyed myself and may I add, enjoyed my mysterious kidnapper. How quickly time flew by as my flight to Greenville flew over head…

Chocolate Cake Omonia Cafe
As I say do as the Greeks do and go for coffee. And off we went to Omonia Café. There I dived into double layered chocolate with a hint of liqueur. Omonia Café has a courtyard with waterfall and two floors for lounging over coffee and Greek pastries. As Manos told me Omonia Café made the outrageous wedding cake for the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding“. There you will be transported to another world a mini Athens in Bay Ridge. My host pointed out the Greeks, Russians, Italians, and Turks who are regulars here. We sat in the garden near the waterfall; lovely and so very European, who would have known Bay Ridge had such charm.

Manos, my kidnapper

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