LA Dinner with Andre Bormanis, CBS: Threshold

I met Andre Bormanis, Phoenix native son, for dinner at Lucy’s El Adobe Cafe. This is a quiet little hole in the wall where you can enjoy real home style Mexican cooking. Lucy’s is not shy of Hollywood types located directly across from Paramount Studios. It is the perfect place for stargazing. As Andre said, “Lucy’s is run by one of the nicest people in the world (Lucy) and has the best mole sauce on the west-side.” I actually think that goes for the west-side of NYC too.

Andre Bormanis is known for putting the real science into SciFi. He is handsome and brilliant with a master’s degree in physics and astronomy. Well known for his writing for the Star Trek series and most recently Enterprise, now he’s onto a new adventure one that’s a present-day sci-fi thriller. From the insider’s conversation with Andre I can tell you Threshold is going to be hot!

I couldn’t help to be captivated by Andre, in between bites of Gallina en Mole, breast of chicken in authentic mole sauce, prepared to order with soup salad, rice and beans, I listened with intrigue as he related the story line. Threshold is kind of like an alien invasion with some very fascinating twists. It promises to make the audience think and take a closer look inside our own humanity.

Threshold will premiere Friday, September 16, 2005 on CBS. In honor of Andre Bormanis and new series Threshold, I’m thinking of putting together a TV party in NYC with my friends who are Star Trek fans. Probably serve a vegetable platter with dill dipping sauce, Swedish meatballs, bbq ribs, side dish of cashew nuts, lovely exotic mixed green salad with a mango chutney dressing, dates and hard cheese, dark chocolate paired with dark rich spicy deep red wine. Possibly a Shiraz? Who do you think?

It was delightful seeing Andre. I look forward to .

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Lucy’s El Adobe Cafe
5536 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA.
(323) 462-9421

Photo credit: Shelf life: Andre Bormanis“, March 2005, IOP Publishing Ltd.

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